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Frequently Asked Questions

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This list of Frequently Asked Questions reflects the latest and most common contacts made with AbleLink's Tech Support department. If you do not find your question on this list, please use the contact us link and send us a note. We also welcome any input you may have on the answers included on this list.

CAP Questions

How do I access the setup utility for Endeavor 3 and/or Visual Impact 3?

To enter the setup utility, press and hold the "i" button on the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You will hear a clicking sound when you first press the button, and a tone after you have ... READ FULL ANSWER

Can I link tasks from Visual Impact 3 to time-based reminders in Endeavor 3?

As long as you have the Endeavor Mobile Suite (both the Visual Impact 3 and Endeavor 3 apps) installed on your phone or tablet, you can access Visual impact tasks from your scheduling setup in En ... READ FULL ANSWER

What is the Endeavor Mobile Suite?

The Endeavor Mobile Suite is comprised of the Endeavor 3 scheduling app and the Visual Impact 3 ... READ FULL ANSWER

CQL POST App Questions

What is the relationship between the CQL POST App and CQL's Personal Outcome Measures®?

The foundation of The CQL POST App is based on Personal Outcome Measures®. The app provides a snapshot look at the presence and importance of outcomes in a person's life, that are happening right now. It is a va ... READ FULL ANSWER

How do I set up quarterly billing for CQL POST App usage?

Any agency can set up quarterly billing by calling AbleLink or via Email. An invoice is sent at the end of each quarter, billing for use at a fixed rate of $5.00 per su ... READ FULL ANSWER

Do I have to be connected to the Internet in order to take the CQL POST App surveys?

The iPad does not need to be connected to the Internet when the surveys are taken. You can use your CQL POST App and administer surveys at any time. The survey data is stored on the iPad until is connected. The n ... READ FULL ANSWER

What is the cost for additional CQL POST App survey usage?

The cost for additional surveys is based on bulk quantities, ranging from $1 to $5 based on the amount purchased. ... READ FULL ANSWER

General Questions

Licensing your Cepstral Voice (Windows)

1. Click Start.
2. Click All Programs.
3. Scroll down the list until you see the Cepstral folder, then click it.

Downloading your Cepstral Voice

* * * If you purchased Callie as your Cepstral voice for Endeavor, then you do not need to download your Cepstral voice. The voice was automatically installed after Endeavor was installed. * * ... READ FULL ANSWER

What are AbleLink's tech support hours?

You may email or fax AbleLink at anytime. If you would like to call, our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Mountain Standard Time. You can also leave a voicemail at ... READ FULL ANSWER

I am concerned that my phone or tablet might get dropped or scratched - do you sell protective covers or screen protectors?

The hardware that you purchased from AbleLink Technologies should have come with a basic case. A variety of accessories from 3rd party vendors, such as Otterbox, can be found online. ... READ FULL ANSWER

How do I exit the AbleLink Desktop programs if I don't have an Exit button showing?

All of the AbleLink Voyager Desktop programs, with the exception of JobQuest, have a box in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. If you click into that box and type ... READ FULL ANSWER

I have purchased the "Agency (or multi-user)" edition of an AbleLink Desktop program. What are the restrictions on how many people and machines that I can use?

The agency, or multi-user, edition entitles the user to a single desktop computer license. The software itself allows for multiple users to each login to their own customized environment on a single c ... READ FULL ANSWER

Are there additional online resources I can use for training and support purposes?

AbleLink's online Learning Library is available here. The Learning Library features step-by-step task instructions on a variety of the desktop and mobile pro ... READ FULL ANSWER

What is your return policy?

AbleLink Technologies offers a 60-day return policy from the original purchase date. App software purchased from iTunes or Google Play must be returned directly through those stores. ... READ FULL ANSWER

Is my AIMS Task Builder desktop software compatible with all operating systems?

AIMS Task Builder can be installed and operated on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7-10. Click Here to download a copy of AIMS Task Builder. READ FULL ANSWER

Can I run the AbleLink iOS or Android apps on my desktop computer?

AbleLink apps such as Endeavor 3 and Visual Impact 3 are designed to run exclusively on the iOS or Android. They will not install on a desktop computer or sync program content between a desktop and a ... READ FULL ANSWER

Can I use different languages on the software programs?

Although the AbleLink software is preset to display in English, you can use the audio features to record task and schedule prompts in any spoken language. ... READ FULL ANSWER

How can I get a user manual for my AbleLink software?

PDF versions of most AbleLink products are available for download from the Support area of our website. ... READ FULL ANSWER

Can I insure hardware purchased from AbleLink?

Some homeowner's or renter's insurance policies will cover your hardware and installed software. The value of this is, of course, relative to the individual deductible. ... READ FULL ANSWER