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AbleLink Technologies Announces Visual Impact – Living Safely on the iPad

October 18, 2010

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – AbleLink Technologies, the nation’s leading developer of cognitive support technology, today announced the release of Visual Impact – Living Safely for the iPad platform. The Visual Impact system provides an evidence-based, self-paced and self-directed learning tool for acquiring and reinforcing skills necessary for achieving independence across life activity domains. This version of Visual Impact features important home and personal safety topics based on proven content developed by the Attainment Company. Visual Impact – Living Safely provides an accessible learning tool that is specifically designed to be used directly by individuals with autism, learning or other developmental disabilities at their own pace in a self-directed manner to learn about living safely. Initial feedback by educators has been very enthusiastic, as indicated, for example by a living skills instructor from Australia: “This is a fantastic app that I plan to use with my life skills group. - S.S.”

Visual Impact utilizes the AbleLink Instructional Media Standard (AIMS), AbleLink’s award-winning step-by-step multimedia training system which provides accessible, self-paced instruction using visual and auditory media. AbleLink Technologies ( has developed numerous cognitively accessible tools for persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities, short-term memory loss, and age-related cognition issues. Anyone who needs support learning and maintaining skills necessary for daily living can benefit from the simplicity of Visual Impact. This initial version features 13 easy to use Home Safety learning sessions as well as 14 Personal Safety sessions, including topics such as Fire Safety, Doing Dishes by Hand, Strangers at Home, Internet Safety, Sports Safety, Work Safety, and Pedestrian Safety.

Pricing/Purchase in iPad App Store
Visual Impact – Living Safely is available now in the App Store for $34.99.
Watch for several new cognitively accessible titles from AbleLink in the coming months!

About AbleLink Technologies
AbleLink Technologies, ( has been a pioneer in the field of cognitive support technology since 1997. Daniel K. Davies, Founder and President, began working in the area of cognitive technology in 1991, developing straightforward electronic task-prompting systems for individuals with intellectual disabilities. During the past 13 years AbleLink has received over 60 grant awards for research and development of technology for individuals with cognitive disabilities, as well as for technologies to support seniors with aging in place. Mr. Davies has received numerous accolades for cognitive technology leadership, including the prestigious 2006 Katherine M. Swanson Equality Award from the Tech Museum of Innovation and the 2004 Leadership Award from the Technology and Media Division of the Council for Exceptional Children.

Today, AbleLink provides an array of desktop and mobile applications that allow individuals with intellectual and other cognitive disabilities, or those with age-related conditions, to access many everyday technologies, including cell phones, email, and the internet. AbleLink’s extensive research and development work has resulted in cognitive support technologies that promote self determination and independence on the job, in the home, at school and in the community.

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AbleLink Technologies
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