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AbleLink Technologies Announces ATLAS VantagePoint

February 10, 2016

Colorado Springs, CO – 2/8/16
AbleLink Technologies today announced the release of ATLAS VantagePoint, a unique system that enables people with intellectual and other cognitive disabilities to complete satisfaction surveys without the assistance of others. VantagePoint is a consumer satisfaction survey system that enables individuals to have their voice heard by self-reporting their own uninfluenced opinions regarding agency services. The foundation of VantagePoint is AbleLink’s award-winning ATLAS (Accessible Testing, Learning & Assessment System) survey engine that utilizes principles of universal design and specialized interface methodologies to provide a cognitively accessible test and survey system. VantagePoint provides easy-to-follow instructions, self-directed training, as well as questions and answers in a variety of multimedia formats to enhance accessibility.

“For agencies serving individuals with developmental disabilities, obtaining feedback that is self-directed and without potential influence from interviewers has been challenging – if not impossible – up until now. VantagePoint changes the game for agencies desiring to improve their services by providing a better understanding of the perceptions of their customers. Additionally, its secure, cloud-based reporting features virtually eliminate costly data entry and make results immediately available at remote locations.” states Dan Davies, AbleLink Founder and President.

Survey respondents can navigate through the person-centered surveys by simply responding to questions that are automatically read to them with a natural voice and selecting from the available responses, which can also can contain pictures and audio playback to promote independence in providing survey responses. VantagePoint includes a battery of four comprehensive surveys addressing key agency service areas, including, My Views about My Home, My Views about My Work, My Views about My Day Program, and My Views about My Community.

ATLAS, the underlying technology for VantagePoint, has been developed through a series of research projects funded by the U.S. Department of Education, as well as through internal company research and development funding. For related references and more information about VantagePoint, click here.

About AbleLink Technologies
AbleLink Technologies has been a pioneer in the field of cognitive support technology since 1997. Daniel K. Davies, Founder and President, began working in the area of cognitive technology in 1991, developing straightforward electronic task-prompting systems for individuals with intellectual disabilities. During the past 18 years AbleLink has received over 75 grant awards for research and development of technology for individuals with cognitive disabilities, as well as for technologies to support seniors with aging in place. Mr. Davies has received numerous accolades for cognitive technology leadership, including the prestigious 2006 Katherine M. Swanson Equality Award from the Tech Museum of Innovation and the 2004 Leadership Award from the Technology and Media Division of the Council for Exceptional Children.

Today, AbleLink provides an array of mobile, desktop, and cloud-based applications that allow individuals with intellectual and other cognitive disabilities, or those with age-related conditions, to access many everyday technologies, including cell phones, email, and the internet. AbleLink’s extensive research and development work has resulted in cognitive support technologies that promote self determination and independence on the job, in the home, at school, and in the community.

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