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The CQL POST App (Personal Outcome Screening Tool) is an interactive, user-friendly app that provides a snapshot view of a person’s quality of life. The app was developed so that individuals receiving supports can actively engage in completing the questionnaire, either independently or supported by others. The POST App uses easy-to-understand language, images and a touch screen. Specifically, it creates an opportunity for people to explore 21 quality-of-life outcomes, assess whether these outcomes are important to the individual, and what level of success they are having in achieving these outcomes.


The CQL POST App is a valuable tool in providing insight into the presence and importance of outcomes, in the present moment for a person accessing services. The app offers organizations a broad look at quality of life, and can be extremely helpful in intermittent services, or as a quick introduction to a person's priorities. The app is not however a replacement to CQL's Personal Outcome Measures®, but a complimentary resource to assist in person-centered planning.

As an example, one indicator in The CQL POST App, involves choice over where a person lives. When people are asked "How is it going for you right now, when it comes to choosing where to live?" 25% stated that it is 'not happening,' 33% respond that it is only going 'somewhat well' and 41% identified that it is going 'really well.'


Measuring quality of life and understanding what really matters to people who receive supports can often be challenging, especially for intermittent services or after meeting someone for the first time. Human service organizations may not know where to start, what questions to ask and how to utilize the feedback they receive.

The CQL POST App provides a user-friendly system for learning about a person's life, as well as interpreting and utilizing that information about outcomes to measure quality of life. An example of a quality-of-life outcome within the app, is 'having goals and dreams in the future.' According to aggregate responses from The CQL POST App surveys, when people receiving supports were asked the question, "How is going for you right now, when it comes to having goals and dreams in the future," 20% of people respond that the outcome is 'not happening at all.'


About AbleLink Technologies and ATLAS
The POST App technology has been developed by AbleLink Technologies, Inc. using their research-based cognitively accessible survey system, ATLAS (Accessible Testing Learning and Assessment System). ATLAS was developed in part through research funding provided by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR). AbleLink is a pioneer and national leader in the development of technology-based innovations which use a person-centered design philosophy to enable individuals with cognitive disabilities to live a more self-determined and fulfilled life.

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