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Changing Lives Newsletter: Spring 2016

March 21, 2016

ATLAS VantagePoint takes flight
Have you checked out ATLAS VantagePoint yet? Contact us today to see it first-hand and to get a demo version of the software. The VantagePoint solutions page is a great place to start.

New framework for the Smart Living Technology Program
For over five years, AbleLink has been conducting pilot projects with agencies around the country. With the release of the ATLAS VantagePoint System, we have created two additional options for deep-dive implementation that do not require the time and expense of a larger project:

The WayFinder Community Access System comes with five Android phones and WayFinder 3 software. This system is completely focused on GPS-based, cognitively accessible transportation.

The Endeavor Mobile Independence System combines the scheduling and video modeling power of Endeavor 3 and Visual Impact 3 on a mix of seven Android phones and tablets. Two years of the customized Learning Library and Smart Living Console services are also included.

The six-month Pilot Project remains the heart of the SLTP and is comprised of the above-mentioned systems, along with on-site training and launch. Following the Pilot Project, six months of the Innovation Partnership are included at no additional charge.

Agency Spotglight: Trinity Services, New Lenox, IL
AbleLink's Smart Living Technology Partners at Trinity Services are finishing up a Pilot Project that began in early 2015.
Trinity was recently featured in a local newspaper and produced a video that shows their creativity and commitment in implementing technology that impacts people in real-life situations. Click the link of the web-based version of this newsletter below to access the article and the video.

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