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Changing Lives Newsletter: Summer 2016

August 29, 2016

Can you believe that we are past the halfway point of 2016? This is a great time to stop and take a look at your agency's progress toward this year's goals. How are you increasing independence for the people you serve? As we firm up plans for a busy fall, we would love to connect with you to help your team engage with cognitive support technology.

Whether you are looking at a specific solution for an individual, a Smart Living System, or a full Pilot's not too late to get started before the year is out.

AbleLink's Technologies to Assist Veterans and Federal Employees with Disabilities
AbleLink will once again be working closely with the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP) as part of a recently-signed Blanket Purchase Agreement.

AbleLink Founder and President Dan Davies shared that "AbleLink is honored to be selected by the CAP program to be a key provider of cognitive technology solutions for veterans and other federal employees with disabilities. Our latest Android and iOS cognitive support technologies have been developed specifically to enable individuals with cognitive disabilities greater independence and improved quality of life."

The CQL POST App - Coming Soon to Android and Windows
Agencies around the U.S., Canada, and Australia are taking advantage of the CQL POS App's versatility and ease of use. As part of our continuing relationship with CQL, we are nearing completion of an updated version of the original iOS App along with new Android and Windows editions. Watch for a formal release announcement within the next couple of months!

The CQL POST App (Personal Outcome Screening Tool) is an exploratory survey tool, sharing a snapshot view of quality of life through the exploration of outcomes, using easy-to-understand language, audio prompts, and images - all on a touch screen with both English and Spanish capabilities. The survey, which can be completed by the person receiving supports, looks at the presence and importance of 21 quality-of-life outcomes, covering topics like health, safety, respect, relationships, finances, inclusion, employment and more.

ATLAS VantagePoint: An even easier way to get started
Many agencies resonate with the core concept of cognitively accessible surveys, but struggle with the time and financial commitments of a full system purchase. In response to this need, we have added two new options to make VantagePoint within the reach of any organization.

You can now download a free Windows demo version of the software, which includes the full training survey along with small subsets of the four main VantagePoint content categories.

We have also created a streamlined version of the System called VantagePoint SE. The SE software includes the full survey content and six months of the data reports service, all shipped ready-to-use on an Android tablet. VantagePoint SE is available now at an introductory price of $999.00!

We have a new mailing address:
6050 Stetson Hills Blvd.
Suite 322
Colorado Springs, CO 80923

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