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Smart Living Email is your gateway to communication with friends, family, and employers! The picture and audio interface allows for email use without typing, reading, drop-down menus, and ads. You can even set the program to accept messages only from contacts (no more spam!).

At AbleLink Smart Living Technologies, we strive to provide a clutter-free program that makes computer use easier than ever before. Everyone needs to use email, but for individuals with cognitive barriers to computer use, standard interfaces can be complex and frustrating to navigate. Smart Living Email masks this complexity by sitting on top of the Windows operating system, providing the user with a clean, simple interface that can grow with them as they gain skills in usage.

Smart Living Email can be launched from an individual's desktop and scaled to meet their particular skill level. From automated voice message recording and sending to typing text and reading, Smart Living Email can meet a wide range of needs. For multi-user environments such as an agency computer lab, AbleLink's Smart Living Desktop software can be deployed to allow for an unlimited number of Smart Living Email users on a single machine.

Smart Living Email is available as stand-alone software but is ideally deployed as part of the Smart Living Suite 3.0. The Smart Living Suite includes all five of the current AbleLink software programs for Windows, designed to interact through the Smart Living Desktop.