Visual Impact for Windows

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The very first AbleLink commercial product, Pocket Coach, was released 20 years ago with a single concept in mind: Changing lives through technology. The task-prompting approach has grown over the years to mobile apps and now Visual Impact for Windows, always staying faithful to our commitment to easy-to-use software. Step-by-step instructions through images, audio, and video offer people with cognitive barriers a gateway to computer use.

Visual Impact interfaces with the public AbleLink Learning Library, a free online repository that offers dozens of tasks you can download for use with the software. Once downloaded, tasks can be presented within Visual Impact or as buttons on the companion Smart Living Desktop software. Task playback is designed to provide a clean interface for people to follow along, carrying out daily activities in a complete and consistent fashion.

Users of the Visual Impact 3 app (available on iOS or Android) can create their own customized content. These tasks can be uploaded to the public Learning Library and then downloaded for use within Visual Impact on Windows. AbleLink developers are also working on a built-in authoring tool that will be provided as a free upgrade to Visual Impact users, allowing them to create custom content within the Windows program.

Visual Impact is available as stand-alone software but is ideally deployed as part of the Smart Living Suite 3.0. The Smart Living Suite includes all five of the current AbleLink software programs for Windows, designed to interact through the Smart Living Desktop.