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Safe and secure internet access is a goal for everyone, but often seems out of reach for people with cognitive barriers to computer use. AbleLink has been doing research and development in this area for over 20 years, releasing our first cognitively accessible web browser in the late 1990's. Our latest product in this area, Web Trek, employs a clean picture and audio interface to provide a smooth internet experience.

The Smart Living Desktop software makes it possible to create buttons for specific websites or categories of interest. In Web Trek, sites can be visited without ads, sidebars, or other content that clutters the interface. In addition, Web Trek can be scaled for many levels of cognitive ability, from a static interface that does not allow links to other sites to a complete web experience that includes safe searching and printing.

Web Trek's picture-based safe search tool includes images and audio prompts to guide the user in narrowing down wide ranges of content into manageable lists. Administrators have several choices for the final search engine once Web Trek has simplified the list.

Web Trek is available as stand-alone software but is ideally deployed as part of the Smart Living Suite 3.0. The Smart Living Suite includes all five of the current AbleLink software programs for Windows, designed to interact through the Smart Living Desktop.