Visual Media Player

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Finding and playing videos, music, and other media can be frustrating for any computer user. What makes access difficult for some people can make it impossible for others, especially those who cannot read or easily navigate drop-down menus and file structures. With Visual Media Player, content can be opened and enjoyed without the clutter and confusion. The AbleLink picture and audio interface opens new doors for everyday computer use, regardless of cognitive ability.

The Visual Media player interface can be scaled for many levels of cognitive ability, from a static interface to visual buttons for full control of playback. In a multi-user Smart Living Desktop system, customized desktops can access content tailored to individual interests and needs.

The Smart Living Desktop software makes it possible to create buttons for videos, songs, playlists, and groups of content in specific categories. This content is seamlessly blended with email, weather, news, and other resources in a simplified environment.

Visual Media Player is available as stand-alone software but is ideally deployed as part of the Smart Living Suite 3.0. The Smart Living Suite includes all five of the current AbleLink software programs for Windows, designed to interact through the Smart Living Desktop.