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Most people struggle at times with their computer's operating system. Menus, file structures, and "intuitive" controls can frustrate any of us. For individuals with cognitive barriers, such as an intellectual disability, trouble with reading or typing, or lack of familiarity with computers, the everyday technologies we take for granted can seem impossible to use. The Smart Living Desktop sits on top of the Windows operating system to mask the complexity of the computer, providing a clean and safe interface that unlocks access to web browsing, email, newsfeeds, media, and much more.

The Smart Living Desktop is available in a Personal Edition (for use by a single user on a single computer) or in an Agency Edition (for an unlimited number of users on a single computer). With the Agency Edition, each user can have their own customized desktop and content. Content can also be organized and shared in community libraries with the Smart Living software. The Smart Living Desktop is also the gateway to making the other components of the the Smart Living Suite 3.0 - Visual Impact, Web Trek, Visual Media Player, and Smart Living Email - available for multi-user access.

The real power of the Smart Living Desktop is in its endless potential for customization. Admin settings can be adjusted to provide a static interface with picture and audio support, or expanded to include the capability for users to type their own email messages and web searches. Button names, images, sizes, and backgrounds can all be adjusted to meet the needs an preferences of each user.

Smart Living Desktop is available as stand-alone software but is ideally deployed as part of the Smart Living Suite 3.0. The Smart Living Suite includes all five of the current AbleLink software programs for Windows, designed to interact through the Smart Living Desktop.