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The Smart Living Desktop Suite is the best way to open up Windows computers for everyone, regardless of cognitive ability! All five of the AbleLink Windows software programs are included in the Suite:
Smart Living Desktop - The only "home screen" you need, unlocking access to virtually anything on the web or on the local computer
Visual Impact - AbleLink video modeling program, allowing for creation of any kind of step-by-step instruction
Smart Living Email - Spam-free email, relying on picture-based contacts and audio email exchanges for ease of use
Web Trek - Safe and ad-free web browsing, scalable as the user grows with the software
Visual Media Player - Single-touch access to movies, online videos, music, playlists, and more

The Smart Living Desktop Suite is available in a Personal Edition (for use by a single user on a single computer) or in an Agency Edition (for an unlimited number of users on a single computer). With the Agency Edition, each user can have their own customized desktop and content. Content can also be organized and shared in community libraries with the Smart Living software. The individual programs such as Visual Impact and Smart Living Email can be accessed from the desktop, along with any other programs installed on the computer.

The real power of the Smart Living software is in its endless potential for customization. Admin settings can be adjusted to provide a static interface with picture and audio support, or expanded to include the capability for users to type their own email messages and web searches. Button names, images, sizes, and backgrounds can all be adjusted to meet the needs and preferences of each user.

COVID-19 desktop content

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, AbleLink partnered with the Coleman Institute and the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council to create a set of health and safety content. Through July 2020, AbleLink is including the “Emergency Response Desktop” with all purchased versions of the software.

The Smart Living Desktop Suite provides the most comprehensive solution for a wide range of access and application. All software can also be bundled with a Windows hardware unit, shipped with everything installed and ready to use out of the box. All Smart Living Desktop Suite software and hardware/software bundles are purchased directly from AbleLink. Click "Buy Now" below to contact AbleLink for more information on specific configurations.

Smart Living Desktop Software, Personal Edition (single user) - $249.99 or $10.00 monthly subscription
Smart Living Desktop Software, Agency Edition (multiple users) - $499.99 or $20.00 monthly subscription

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