Living Safely

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Living Safely provides self-directed learning sessions for 27 important safety skills topics based on proven content developed by the Attainment Company. Living Safely provides an accessible learning tool that is specifically designed to be used directly by individuals with autism, learning or other developmental disabilities. Living Safely is powered by Visual Impact, an evidence-based AbleLink cognitively accessible learning tool.

Living Safely also utilizes the AbleLink Instructional Media Standard (AIMS), an award-winning step-by-step multimedia training system which applies universal design principles to provide multimodal instruction using visual and auditory media. Anyone who needs support with understanding important safety skills necessary for daily living can benefit from the simplicity and self-directed nature of Living Safely.

Home Safety
Living Safely features 13 cognitively accessible learning sessions on Home Safety, including the following topics:
- Fire Safety
- Bathroom Safety
- Medicine Cabinet Safety
- Kitchen/Dinning Room Safety
- Mealtime
- Putting Food Away/Doing Dishes
- Doing Dishes by Hand
- Dishwasher Safety
- Clothes Washer/ Dryer Safety
- Garbage Disposal Safety
- Strangers at Home
- Hand/Power Tool Safety
- Electrical Safety

Personal Safety
Living Safely features 14 cognitively accessible learning sessions on Personal Safety, including the following topics:
- Swimming Safety
- Sun Safety
- Cold Weather Safety
- Sports Safety
- Bug Safety
- Free Time Safety
- Relationship Safety
- Internet Safety
- Pet Safety
- Pedestrian Safety – 1
- Pedestrian Safety – 2
- Bicycle Safety
- Getting Lost
- Work Safety

Living Safely can be purchased in the Apple App Store or in Google Play.