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AbleLink Technologies Announces Endeavor Desktop Environment

September 30, 2010

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – AbleLink Technologies, the nation’s leading developer of cognitive technologies, today announced the release of Endeavor Desktop Environment, a revolutionary new system for enabling personalized computing, communication and internet access. Endeavor Desktop Environment brings everyday technologies, such as social networking, online access and communication, and productivity, to individuals who have been excluded from full participation in the technology revolution due to barriers imposed by the complexity of everyday technologies.

Endeavor seamlessly incorporates accessible tools to enable web browsing, email communication, and enjoyment of music and visual media. In addition Endeavor provides access to news via an accessible RSS reader and powerful learning tools for corporate training or accomplishing activities of daily living using AbleLink’s signature step-by-step multimedia learning system. Endeavor Desktop Environment is the culmination of years of research and development in the area of cognitive supports and simplified access to mainstream computing.

When users log into Endeavor Desktop Environment, personalized content is available within their custom desktop using dynamic buttons configured with descriptive images and audio to facilitate access. A single click on a desktop button delivers the latest content in an accessible format according to the user’s personalized accessibility profile. The need for drop-down menus, drag and drop, scrolling and double clicks can be confusing for some users. Endeavor Desktop Environment eliminates these barriers, giving everyone a simpler, faster and more rewarding computing experience.

“Endeavor Desktop Environment offers exciting possibilities for dismantling the digital divide by enabling widespread access to everyday technologies for users across the spectrum of ability,” said Daniel K. Davies, Founder and President of AbleLink. “Whether you are talking about a school managing their Response to Intervention (RtI) initiatives by delivering personalized learning materials and assignments directly to each student, individuals with cognitive disabilities using Endeavor’s accessible technologies to facilitate independent living, or businesses needing to simplify processes for customers or push electronic resources out to departments across the nation, Endeavor Desktop Environment provides an accessible, integrated solution.”

Accessibility features include:
• Web Trek - A clean, visual web browser for accessing favorite websites and simplifying access to existing web-based resources used by schools for online learning. Specific pages or sites can be shared through the Endeavor Library, and safe access to the internet can be provided in a school environment or for vulnerable populations.
• Endeavor Email - A picture-based address book is available for those who need it, and automated audio files can be used as an alternative to written text for users with limited literacy skills. As with the web browser, text-to-speech can read standard text-based messages aloud to the recipient as desired or needed.
• Visual Media Player - Pictures, video clips, movies and audio recordings are easily played using Endeavor Desktop Environment’s built-in media player with controls that are customizable, straight-forward and easy to navigate.
• RSS Reader - The Endeavor News Reader provides information and pictures from RSS feeds with accessibility features that include text-tospeech and simplified, customizable controls. News and information of interest to the Endeavor user is automatically delivered to his or her desktop, putting the user in control of their information access.
• Step-by-step instruction - AbleLink has long been the leader in computer-based, multimedia task prompting, using their patent-pending AIMS learning system which facilitates assembly and delivery of audio instructions, video clips, and pictures into instructional sequences that provide step-by-step instructions for nearly any task or activity, such as completing a form or application, steps for completing a science experiment, instructional task support for non-English speakers completing a work-related task, etc.

Because of the applicability of Endeavor Desktop Environment in multiple contexts, AbleLink Technologies will be providing detailed examples illustrating Endeavor’s cross-platform relevance for differing industries over the next several months. The product is currently in use in assisted living facilities and other supported living environments by seniors, students, and individuals with cognitive disabilities.

Pricing Options and Availability
Endeavor Desktop Environment is available now. Pricing options include individual and site licensing with volume discounts, and an annual subscription is also available. For sales and ordering information, call 719.592.0347 or email

About AbleLink Technologies
AbleLink Technologies, ( has been a pioneer in the field of cognitive support technology since 1997. Daniel K. Davies, Founder and President, began working in the area of cognitive technology in 1991, developing straightforward electronic task-prompting systems for individuals with intellectual disabilities. During the past 13 years AbleLink has received over 60 grant awards for research and development of technology for individuals with cognitive disabilities, as well as for technologies to support seniors with aging in place. Mr. Davies has received numerous accolades for cognitive technology leadership, including the prestigious 2006 Katherine M. Swanson Equality Award from the Tech Museum of Innovation and the 2004 Leadership Award from the Technology and Media Division of the Council for Exceptional Children. Today, AbleLink provides an array of desktop and mobile applications that allow individuals with intellectual and other cognitive disabilities, or those with age-related conditions, to access many everyday technologies, including cell phones, email, and the internet. AbleLink’s extensive research and development work has resulted in cognitive support technologies that promote self determination and independence on the job, in the home, at school and in the community.

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