AbleLink Visual Impact (Smart Living Mobile Suite)

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AbleLink Visual Impact provides easy step-by-step multimedia instructions for use by anyone needing a simple support to perform daily tasks of all kinds. Make a grilled cheese sandwich by yourself, learn important personal skills for applying for a job, or how to take your own blood pressure at home!

AbleLink Visual Impact gives you the ability to create your own custom tasks! You can build tasks for any activity, add pictures from your iPad photo library or take new photos as you build the task. You can also record your own verbal instructions to go along with each step.

AbleLink Visual Impact provides an evidence-based, self-paced and self-directed learning tool for acquiring and reinforcing skills necessary for achieving independence across life activity domains, including education, employment, independent living, recreation and transition.
AbleLink Visual Impact utilizes the AbleLink Instructional Media Standard (AIMS), an award-winning step-by-step multimedia training system which applies universal design principles to provide accessible multimodal instruction using visual and auditory media. AbleLink Smart Living Technologies is a leader in developing practical tools for daily living for persons with intellectual/developmental disability, short-term memory loss, and age-related cognition issues. Anyone who needs support for learning and maintaining skills necessary for daily living can benefit from AbleLink Visual Impact's ease of use.

You can chose which tasks to show and which ones to hide on the AbleLink Visual Impact display to customize your task library for different users who may be sharing the same device. Delete items when no longer needed to free up space in your local task library.

Customizing Visual Impact:
An important feature of any program designed to be used by users representing a wide range of cognitive abilities is the ability to modify the user interface to meet the specific needs of the individual. Customization options are available in AbleLink Visual Impact to modify the user interface to meet the needs of the learner, including:
- Show/Hide Settings Button
- Show/Hide Video Controls when Playing Video
- Scale Images to Fill the Screen
- Prevent Accidental Double-taps on Navigation Buttons
- Show/Hide the BACK Button
- Show/Hide the STOP Button
- Show/Hide the RESTART Button
- Show/Hide the REPLAY Button

Visual Impact is designed to work in conjunction with Endeavor as part of the Smart Living Mobile Suite. You can also use Visual Impact as a stand-alone app for task support without time-based reminders. The software is available through the App Store (click "Buy Now" below) or on Google Play. Bundled software and hardware can be purchased directly from AbleLink.

AbleLink Visual Impact App Price - $149.99

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