AbleLink Visual Impact (Smart Living Service)

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Visual Impact is now available only through the Smart Living Service. This service provides access to AbleLink’s software for time-based reminders, to-do lists, step-by step instruction, checklist-based task guidance, and the entire Smart Living Desktop for Windows! Smart Living Service subscribers also receive software updates, training, coaching, and support.

AbleLink Visual Impact provides step-by-step multimedia instructions for use by anyone needing support to perform daily tasks. Make a grilled cheese sandwich by yourself, learn important personal skills for applying for a job, or how to take your own blood pressure at home!

AbleLink Visual Impact gives you the ability to create your own custom tasks. You can build tasks for any activity, add pictures from your device's photo library, or take new photos as you build the task. You can also record your own verbal instructions to go along with each step.

AbleLink Visual Impact provides an evidence-based, self-paced, and self-directed learning tool for acquiring and reinforcing skills necessary for achieving independence. The content you create can reach across life activity domains, including education, employment, independent living, recreation and transition. Anyone who needs support for learning and maintaining skills necessary for daily living can benefit from AbleLink Visual Impact's ease of use.

Customizing Visual Impact:
An important feature of any program designed to be used by users representing a wide range of cognitive abilities is the ability to modify the user interface to meet the specific needs of the individual. Customization options are available in AbleLink Visual Impact to modify the user interface to meet the needs of the learner, including:
- Show/Hide Settings Button
- Show/Hide Video Controls when Playing Video
- Scale Images to Fill the Screen
- Prevent Accidental Double-taps on Navigation Buttons
- Show/Hide the BACK Button
- Show/Hide the STOP Button
- Show/Hide the RESTART Button
- Show/Hide the REPLAY Button

The AbleLink Visual Impact app can be installed on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Android tablet. Visual Impact and its companion app, Endeavor, are available as part of the AbleLink Smart Living Service. Contact us to find out more about this exciting new way to deliver cognitive support technology, or click the "Buy Now" button below to start your Smart Living Service subscription today!

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