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We all have opinions. We all have a Voice.
The process of obtaining consumer satisfaction feedback from individuals with cognitive disabilities has historically been via interview or proxy processes which can have the effect of losing the direct voice of the individual receiving services. AbleLink VantagePoint is designed to provide the opportunity for direct expression of customer satisfaction while minimizing the potential influence of an interviewer, and enables your agency to immediately access real-time data from the individuals you serve - all without expensive data entry costs!

Satisfaction of Four Key Service Areas

AbleLink VantagePoint includes four surveys addressing key service areas that are based upon over 30 years of direct work with agencies serving people with cognitive disabilities coupled with 20 years of formal government sponsored research on cognitive support technology:

• My Views About My Home
• My Views About My Work
• My Views About Accessing My Community
• My Views About My Day Program

VantagePoint Reports: Real-time data for your organization

VantagePoint Reports is a cloud service that allows you to view survey results immediately after surveys are completed. Download data or view bar charts and our unique “Perceptions” reports that provide results across five key dimensions: General Satisfaction with Life Activity and Environments, Interpersonal and Social Connectedness, Staff Involvement and Quality of Services Provided, Choice Making Opportunities Impacting Self-Determination, and perceptions of Health and Safety.

If your organization would like to implement VantagePoint, contact AbleLink for more information on pricing and deployment.

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