ATLAS Custom Survey Service

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ATLAS (Accessible Testing Learning & Assessment System) unlocks the world of surveys, assessments, and tests for individuals with cognitive disabilities, allowing them to independently share their responses using a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. Data is uploaded to a secure cloud-based server for immediate viewing of results. For years, service agencies have struggled with the mandate to get quality feedback from their clients. Many individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities have been excluded from direct involvement in this process. Through the use of ATLAS, even those who cannot read or write can make their voices heard through the revolutionary AbleLink touch screen, picture-and-audio interface.

The creation of a customized ATLAS survey for your organization begins with your submission of questions/content to AbleLink. From that content, your survey is developed using pictures and recorded audio to present questions to the user. Your survey is delivered via a secure URL and data is managed from your custom reporting site. Custom survey service includes automated, cloud-based data entry and reporting tools.

If your organization would like to implement a custom ATLAS survey, contact AbleLink for more information on pricing and deployment.
You will receive a customized quote that includes the startup and service costs. Startup costs are based on the number and type of questions in the survey, as well as additional content that needs to be created. Service costs include projected usage and maintenance of the secure data reporting site.