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Finding Your Future
AbleLink JobQuest is a web-based service that gives people with cognitive disabilities a voice in their own career path. Employing AbleLink's ATLAS survey engine and Data Reports system, JobQuest presents multiple job categories and gathers data in real time regarding the preferences of the individual. Students and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities often have difficulty understanding the nature of various types of work. Pictures and words are limited in conveying tasks, the work environment, tools that might be used, or other elements that could affect job preference. Schools and agencies often attempt to facilitate the expression of job preferences by arranging site visits to various employers. More than ever before, these visits can be difficult to coordinate and costly in terms of staff time and expense. In addition, elapsed time between physical visits to various sites can be a problem for people with memory issues.

JobQuest surveys jobs in twelve categories. Each job category is represented by five distinct video clips, each showing a person performing a specific work task in real-world settings:

• Laundry Service
• Food Service
• Hotel Cleaning
• Warehouse Work
• Clerical Work
• Human Services
• Animal Care
• Lawn Care
• Retail
• Automotive
• Construction Trades
• Operating Machinery

JobQuest Data Reports
The JobQuest service includes the capability to view data immediately after surveys are completed. This information can be used by Job Coaches, Trainers, Vocational Rehab Counselors, or others to match individuals with their preferences. The JobQuest data can also be used to evaluate interest or readiness for specific jobs and the survey can be administered periodically as skills are developed and additional experiences add to their perceptions.

If your organization would like to implement JobQuest, contact AbleLink for more information on pricing and deployment.

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