ATLAS Travel Readiness Assessments

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Safe and Independent Travel
The ATLAS Travel Readiness Assessments address a key issue in giving people with intellectual disabilities the freedom to travel in their community: How to be sure whether a person is ready to go out on their own. Travel Readiness Assessments evaluate the training process and point out areas in need of improvement. Individuals progress through the assessments in a safe environment before beginning use of bus, light rail, or foot navigation in real-life settings.

Five separate surveys are included in the Travel Readiness Assessments. Each survey has multiple questions and response options in AbleLink’s trademark picture-and-audio interface. Instead of an interview conducted by a staff member, people in travel training can take the surveys on their own.
Topics include:

• Transportation Skills & Experience
• Community Social Skills
• Light Rail Skills & Experience
• Street Crossing Skills
• Vehicle Identification Skills

ATLAS Data Reports
The Travel Readiness Assessments include the capability to view data immediately after surveys are completed. This information can be used by Travel Trainers, Agency Staff, or others to evaluate the results, adjusting training plans as needed. Agencies receive access to a cloud-based, custom, and secure Data Reports Site to manage their responses. Data can be viewed in aggregate to give an overall picture of a program’s effectiveness as well as by individual questions.

If your organization would like to implement ATLAS Travel Readiness Assessments, contact AbleLink for more information on pricing and deployment.

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