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A well-researched idea that never becomes a product has no impact on the daily lives of individuals in need. Likewise, a product that has no effectiveness wastes both time and money. AbleLink is dedicated to carefully navigating products from the drawing board to the user's home with the end result in mind – solutions that daily remove barriers to a more fulfilling life.

Accessible Surveys with ATLAS

AbleLink ATLAS

ATLAS is designed to give individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities a voice in their own care. Through the measurement of personal outcomes, satisfaction, or unique agency content, data is gathered and managed with a secure, customized cloud service.

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AbleLink WayFinder

AbleLink WayFinder

WayFinder unlocks the world of independent travel for people with cognitive disabilities. Accessible GPS-based cues guide the traveler through bus and foot navigation, extending people into the community on their own terms. The WayFinder Ecosystem offers services for training and trip management.

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AbleLink Smart Living Service

AbleLink Smart Living Service

The Smart Living Service includes the Endeavor and Visual Impact apps, along with the Smart Living Desktop software. Each solution is designed to help individuals with cognitive disabilities to experience independence at home, at work, and in the community.

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